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Other Details

CONTACT: I can be contacted via e-mail at - by phone at 01732-844307 - or at Facebook Link!/profile.php?id=596373451 (Mark Rowles) or Pinterest Page in regards queries, payments or future Projects. You also get Higher Resolution Images on both my Facebook and Pinterest Pages. My models can now also be purchased at or , though these are far from up-to-date, and are offered at a more expensive price due to Commission rates.

PRICES: I have deliberated hard over this... I tried using other 3D Websites as a guide, but the range of prices was mindblowing!! - 100's of Dollars seems extortionate, but of course, the Sites themselves take a large cut of that. So I have decided on a Flat Rate for ALL my Models - 40 GBP (pounds) when ordered direct from me. I will consider Discounts for multiple Models purchased.

PAYMENT: As this is a brand new Website and I'm going for simplicity, I figured PayPal was the easiest method of Payment. E-mail me first to let me know what Model(s) you want, then simply go to the PayPal Website and pay the amount into my e-mail account, aand when I confirm Payment is recieved, I e-mail you the ZIP File(s) with the Model(s) enclosed - couldn't be simpler!!!

FUTURE EVENTS: I tend to work in set patterns - 2014 was RAF - 2015 was Luftwaffe - 2016 was American - 2017 is mainly Japanese. I have now included WW1 and Post-WW2 planes up to 1974 in my arsenal. As expressed before, if you have a specific plane you want built, or even an alternate paintjob, these can easily be fitted into my work flow - just ask...

Well - now that's all out of the way, here's what you came to see...     The Planes...

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries whatsoever. Later....MARK

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