Other Details

CONTACT: I can be contacted via e-mail at chipbasschao@gmail.com - by phone at 01732-844307 - or at Facebook Link http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=596373451 (Mark Rowles) or Pinterest Page https://uk.pinterest.com/markrowles96/ in regards queries, payments or future Projects. You also get Higher Resolution Images on both my Facebook and Pinterest Pages. My models can now also be purchased at www.CGTrader.com or www.renderhub.com , though these are far from up-to-date, and are offered at a more expensive price due to Commission rates.

PRICES: I have deliberated hard over this... I tried using other 3D Websites as a guide, but the range of prices was mindblowing!! - 100's of Dollars seems extortionate, but of course, the Sites themselves take a large cut of that. So I have decided on a Flat Rate for ALL my Models - 40 GBP (pounds) when ordered direct from me. I will consider Discounts for multiple Models purchased.

PAYMENT: As this is a brand new Website and I'm going for simplicity, I figured PayPal was the easiest method of Payment. E-mail me first to let me know what Model(s) you want, then simply go to the PayPal Website and pay the amount into my e-mail account, aand when I confirm Payment is recieved, I e-mail you the ZIP File(s) with the Model(s) enclosed - couldn't be simpler!!!

FUTURE EVENTS: I tend to work in set patterns - 2014 was RAF - 2015 was Luftwaffe - 2016 was American - 2017 is mainly Japanese. I have now included WW1 and Post-WW2 planes up to 1974 in my arsenal. As expressed before, if you have a specific plane you want built, or even an alternate paintjob, these can easily be fitted into my work flow - just ask...

Well - now that's all out of the way, here's what you came to see...     The Planes...

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries whatsoever. Later....MARK